Our Advice Process

Advice Process

As a financial planning business, we aim to provide you with a clear Financial Plan based on a full understanding of your current financial position, your future objectives and identified needs. This enables us to provide suitable solutions for your needs, providing you with clear financial direction, aimed at maximising the opportunities for achieving your objectives.

The 4 phases to create your Financial Plan are:

This is where we get to understand more about you, your family and what is important in your life. We want to know where you are today, but more importantly where you want to be tomorrow. This allows us to define your goals and create your financial plan. We will ask you to provide us with information about your existing plans and policies, and obtain your consent for us to investigate these with the providers if necessary. At the end of this meeting we will outline our process, the work we will carry out, and layout our fees for the service we have discussed.

We will analyse and formulate a bespoke Financial Plan, taking into account factors such as your investment risk profile, previous investment experience and future objectives. The assessment will also consider the suitability of any existing arrangements you have in place, and identify any shortfalls in your financial planning. We will present the financial plan for discussion, along with a summary of recommended changes.

Having explained our recommendations to you, and obtained your agreement to proceed, we will then prepare the paperwork to allow for the implementation of your financial plan. We liaise with any third parties in order to implement your plans efficiently.

As part of our ongoing service, we will update your financial plan at least annually to ensure that we take into account any changes in your life and to ensure that you remain on course to meet your goals for the future. Changes in your personal circumstances, career and health can alter your objectives, as well as developments in economic conditions, legislation and taxation, all of which may call for adjustments to your financial plan. In line with our service agreement, we will regularly provide up to date valuations of all the investment products held, whilst assessing the suitability of any protection products. We will deliver a clear, concise appraisal of your planning strategy, including the performance of any relevant investments held against agreed benchmarks.

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